Computer Repair

If it involves computers, you can bet it involves us too. Since the list of possible services we offer and problems we can solve would be overwhelming, here is a sampling of what we can do for you:

  • Microsoft Windows

  • We offer a full range of software and hardware services for Windows desktop PCs and laptops of all makes and models.

  • Mac OS
    We’ll help you install and configure your software and network components. We also offer limited hardware troubleshooting and support.
  • Malware & Virus Protection
    Keep your computer and identity safe and secure! We can remove and help to protect you from viruses, spyware, adware, and other malware.
  • Data Protection
    We’ll backup data to just about any device or media type, recover lost or damaged files, and even help you setup backups of your own.
  • Networking
    We can help you setup, troubleshoot, and secure your wired and wireless networks. Ask about installing a firewall today!
  • Custom Builds & Upgrades
    We offer software and hardware installation and upgrade services, as well as complete custom computer builds. High end gaming and multimedia systems are our specialty!

But that’s just a taste! Call us with questions or for additional information regarding the full range of services we offer and our current prices.

Our Services

  • Glass Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Back Case Replacement
  • Jailbreaking
  • Unlocking
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Charging Problems
  • Headphone Problems
  • Broken Button Replacement
  • Data Backup
  •  Computer Repairs.
  •  Blackberry, iPhones, iPads & Androids Repairs.
  •  Data backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
  •  Software Development.
  •  Application Service Provider.

LCD/display problems repaired by our technicians include:
  • Cracked screens
  • White screens
  • Blank screens
  • Lines running through the middle of the screen
  • “Tie-dye” effect
  • “Bleeding” LCD
  • Black spots or ink spots

Video Games
  • Xbox Console Repair
  • Play Station Console Repair

Physical Damage
  • Phone is broken in 2 pieces
  • Phone was mangled in an accident or dropped
  • Cell phone housing (case) or protective screen is cracked

Keypad Problems
  • Keys on keypad are stuck or not working
  • Keys are pressing on their own
  • Keys on side of phone are not working

Charging/Power Problems
  • Charging port is broken
  • Pins are bent in the charging port
  • Charging port came loose
  • Phone won’t hold charge
  • Phone won’t charge

Cosmetic Damage
Does your cell phone need some bodywork? MD Tech Computer can make your cell phone look like new! Send in your cell phone for repair by our refurbishing and cosmetic repair specialists.

Planning to travel internationally? Would you like to use your existing cell phone with a different carrier? It takes only minutes for us to unlock it for you. Once your GSM cell phone is unlocked, any active SIM card will function on your phone.

Data Transfer and Recovery
Ready for an upgrade? Ask us about our data transfer and recovery service. We can transfer your numbers onto a new cell phone, and create a backup for you in case your cell phone is ever stolen or misplaced.
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